5 Reasons You Should Leave Smoke Damage Removal to the Experts

No matter the size or extent of the fire, smoke damage removal is an extremely difficult process, and it is essential that it is done properly. The process may not be rocket science, but that doesn’t mean anyone can do it. 

Smoke damage removal should always be handled by the experts, and here are 5 reasons why. 


Even after a fire is extinguished, the damage to your home and to your family can continue if the smoke damage is not removed quickly and effectively. 

The gases and microscopic particles in smoke can penetrate deep into your lungs and cause lasting complications. These particles can also be absorbed into carpet, furniture, the paint on your walls, and your personal belongings. Until the gases and particles are taken care of, they will continue to cause damage.

Depending on where the smoke came from and the materials that burned, the smoke can also include toxins and harmful acids. Without the proper protective equipment, removing smoke damage can be very dangerous to your health. 

If the smoke comes from cigarettes, you are in danger of the many side effects of secondhand smoke or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). The smoke that comes from the end of a lit cigarette is called sidestream smoke, and it is not filtered like the smoke that is inhaled by the smoker or the air that is exhaled. This sidestream smoke has even more toxins, so it is important to leave this removal to professionals. 

Time sensitive

The sooner you can respond to the smoke damage, the better outcome you will have. If you have had a fire in or near your home or office, you want to have as much of the smoke damage removed as possible within the first 48 hours after the fire. 

Just five minutes of direct exposure to smoke can trigger physical reactions in your respiratory system and cause symptoms like difficulty breathing, coughing, respiratory infections, and headaches. Those with asthma, COPD, other respiratory illnesses, or are immunocompromised are prone to more severe and long-lasting reactions to smoke exposure. 

It is also possible that the fire and smoke caused structural damage that may not be apparent at first. Professional disaster restoration specialists can analyze the site of the fire to identify if additional construction and restoration are required to preserve the safety and functionality of your home or office. 

Mask the smoke

Most products found in stores claim to remove the odor of smoke, but actually just cover up the smell. Once the clean, air freshener smell dissipates, the smell of the smoke will return.

There are some common cleaning products that can help eliminate the odors by actually cleaning up and getting rid of the particles from the smoke. 

Baking soda is one example. You can leave a bowl of baking soda in a small space or sprinkle it over the surface of the area that smells like smoke. The molecules in the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) will actually absorb the particles left behind by the smoke, so after a few hours and possibly repetition of these steps, you can vacuum up the baking soda and the particles will get sucked up with it. 

However, these approaches take time and may still not remove the harmful contaminants of the smoke from your home or belongings.

Most household cleaners make it worse

Did you know that even water can make smoke damage worse? It can spread the stains and make clean up even more difficult.  This is true for even water-based cleaning products, which include most of the common cleaners you use in your home.

And all-pupose cleaning products are not truly all-purpose–particularly when it comes to smoke damage removal.

Some dry cleaning products can be used to remove smoke effectively, but they need to be used in very precise ways and are dangerous to use on their own if you don’t have experience or knowledge of those products. 

Multi-step process

But even more important than using the right products, you need to know the process of how to remove smoke damage. This is much more than just removing stains or getting rid of the smell. 

After the smoke has been cleaned from all surfaces and items that have been damaged or have come in contact with the smoke, which requires specialized materials and equipment, then comes the important step of sealing surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors.

Experts in disaster restoration use products designed to seal these surfaces and prevent any remaining smoke particles, toxins, etc. from coming in contact with you or the people in your home. Sealing like this can also better prepare an area for painting, carpeting, or other new coverings.  

In some cases, even areas that seem undamaged from fire or smoke still need to be replaced or reconstructed. Professionals can come to assess these areas to ensure you and your family can get back to living safely in your home.

Western Disaster Cleanup can help

The expert technicians at Western Disaster Cleanup begin with assessing the air quality of the space and will assist you through the entire smoke damage removal process to make sure the job is done safely and properly. 

Available 24/7, you can count on Western Disaster Cleanup to respond quickly to any emergency. We can come to locations within one hour of Orem, Utah, including Utah, Salt Lake, Summit, Wasatch, and Juab counties. 

In addition to providing the best services and solutions for your home or office, Western Disaster cleanup will also work with your home insurance to ensure the best way of taking care of the financial burden that can accompany a disaster and the cleanup and restorations that come with one. 

Whether you or someone you know requires assistance with smoke damage removal from an emergency or not, our professional and experienced team is available and ready to help. Contact us today and let us repair and restore your home to better condition than ever!

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