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Cleaning up the home or yard of a hoarder seems simple until you start.

Before you’re one or two feet into the room, you’ve already filled up ten garbage bags!

Some might call it a collector’s hoard, but most would call it a mess. A trove of potentially useful items becomes lost in the sea of clutter around a home. Most of the useful items are dated and many more have decayed past their prime.

There is little more to do than clear it all out. But how?

Utah Post Hoarder and Junk Removal Services
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Western Disasters Clean-Up
A friend indeed

Many hoarder’s troves and junk piles look deceptively easy to clean. It seems like an afternoon of hard work can clear out all the junk.

Pretty soon, you’re tired and ready to move on to the next project, only you’ve just encountered the tip of the iceberg. Depending on how much help you get, you could be spending the next few weeks running trash to the dump after work.

Western Disasters Clean-Up quickly removes any trash you need to be gone from a residence. This means saving you hours of backbreaking work.

Where once you were overwhelmed by the big task in front of you, you are now carefree and able to move on to the next project.

Saving Time and Energy

A large mess can be difficult to clean. Instead of stressing over it yourself, you can quickly clean it up with the help of a strong and fully equipped team.

You can clean it up yourself, but those are hours of backbreaking labor, running back and forth from the dump, that could be spent in other ways. Garbage container rentals cost money too, so you might as well hire a team with the tools to remove junk.

Utah Junk Removal Services
Utah Hoarder and Junk Removal Company

Hoarder and Junk Removal Made Easy

If you have a pile of junk or a hoarders trove to get rid of, save yourself weeks of work in your off hours and call in the cavalry!

Our teams here at Western Disasters Clean Up will tackle your job and have you moving on to the next task in no time at all!

Appendix – Notes

Audience: A family member of someone who has passed or moved out. Landlord cleaning up after a tenant.

Problem: they have a bunch of junk to clean out.


  • Take care of it themselves
           Will take a lot of physical effort and personal time
  • Have someone come pick it up
           Saves lots of time and gets the project going.

Success to achieve

  • Being free of junk
  • Feeling energized for the next task
  • Saving money on rentals, repairs, trips to the dump, etc.


From an overwhelmed individual clearing out a mountain of junk
To a relieved person ready to tackle the next task.

Failure to avoid:

  • Stressing over moving lots of garbage
  • Taking a lot of time to do unnecessary tasks
  • Wearing yourself out physically

Intro – the problem

Our fire restoration services include

Smoke Damage

Removal of smoke residue from all porous surfaces, such as carpet, furniture and walls.

Structural Support

Replacement or repair of damaged structural support and walls.

Water Damage

Repairing water damage resulting from firefighting interventions.


Replacement of damaged flooring and carpets, when applicable.

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