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When your home sustains water damage, mold growth often follows in places that you cannot easily see or reach. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), untreated mold can lead to serious health problems like respiratory distress and neurological issues, especially among children and seniors. It is important that widespread mold growth be dealt with by restoration professionals who know what and where to target.

Western Disaster Clean Up is here to help. Offering mold remediation services, we can properly handle and treat fungal growth and prevent it from returning. Mold can be caused due to plumbing issues or natural growth and comes in multiple strains, some becoming dangerous to cohabit with. Using restoration chemicals and cleaning techniques we ensure that mold does not grow into your structure and treat it if it has.

Utah Mold Removal Company

How To Determine If Your Home Has Mold Damage:

Mold is insidious and stubborn and getting rid of it requires the attention and services of trained professionals. We are dedicated to being upfront about the projected outcome and costs for every home restoration project that we assess. Our aim is to help you ensure that your home is a safe place for your family. 

Dark Spots

When visible, mold often presents as dark spotting on walls and floors that return after scrubbing or bleaching.


Mold can also be detected through smell—a rotten, musty odor particularly around water sources like sinks, faucets and toilets.


Homeowners are likely to experience aggravated allergies if and when mold is present in the home. 


If there is increased condensation in your home, fungal and mold growth are very likely.

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