WATER REMEDIATION Flood Damage & Water Mitigation

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Expert Emergency Water Mitigation

Water damage from burst pipes, overflowing toilets and sinks, and roof leaks can quickly damage your home. This can cause foul odors and rot in wooden structures, leading to issues down the road. Immediate treatment is your best way to avoid long-term damage done by water. Untreated water damage affects the structure of your home and leads to the growth of mold, which can quickly result in health problems.

We will work with your insurance company to make sure that you get everything you are entitled to under your coverage and make recommendations for other necessary services that follow flood damage, such as mold remediation. Our extensive assessment process and highly trained technicians give you peace of mind that the water damage in your home has been effectively resolved.

Utah Water Mitigation Company


Find Water Source

Locate and turn off the water source when possible. Shut off the main water line to prevent further flooding in the case of burst or damaged pipes. 

Vacate Building

In the event of a flood resulting from a natural disaster, vacate the building and do not return until authorities have deemed it safe.

Give Us a Call

Contact Western Disaster Clean Up to arrange immediate assessment and cleanup. We are available 24/7 for emergency services.

Contact Insurance

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. They will direct you toward the necessary steps for your policy, such as taking photos. 


Sewage in your home is a worst-case scenario, but have no fear, Western Disaster Clean Up is here! In the event that you’re facing sewage damage in your home, we can safely and properly remove sewage and clean the aftermath, treating your home or basement with deodorizing chemicals to avoid the pungent smell that comes with sewage. 

Home Sewage Leak Damage
Assessment and Cleanup

Sewage backup into your property requires a fast response to mitigate the damage and allow you to return safely. We provide 24/7 emergency services where we deep clean and sanitize your home while preventing future mold growth and restricting the transmission of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, Acanthamoeba, E.coli and more.

If you are experiencing sewage backup into your home or property, avoid drinking or cleaning with the water supply. Call us right away at (801) 921-5468 to schedule a timely and professional assessment where we can determine how deeply the contamination has spread and provide you with a clear-cut plan of attack and cost.

Utah Home Sewage Leak Damage Assessment and Cleanup

Some of the reasons sewer lines back up include:

Clogged drains

Collapsed or broken sewer lines

Flooding can reverse the waste direction

Tree roots that damage the pipes

How can we help you?
Contact Our Team Today.

Western Disaster Clean Up is available 24/7 for emergency services.

We serve Utah, Juab, and Wasatch County as well as any location within an hour of Orem, UT. We work with your insurance provider to determine the best way to cover the costs for your clean-up and remediation. Give us a call to get started today! 

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